5 Tips To Follow On Instagram

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It’s no secret that the times we now live in are more digital than ever. Our whole lives are now online- our purchases, our security, even our social encounters! Social media channels are becoming the “big bosses” of almost every individual. They influence people’s decisions so much that they have become powerful tools for marketing and advertising. Traditional mediums such as billboards and newspapers are no longer as effective, especially not for SMEs. They’re so expensive and you can’t even track their return! When trying to grow a small or medium enterprise, social media proves to be faster, cheaper, and more effective than traditional media!


Without further ado, I’d now like to share some useful information on Bahrain’s favourite and fastest growing type of social media in the GCC- Instagram! It would be good to know too, that even in the USA, Instagram ranks as the 1st most used media among teen users followed by Twitter and then Facebook.


There are also so many successful Bahraini accounts on Instagram. Be sure to check out: @alzaeembh in the F&B industry, @citycentrebahrain and @seefmall in the mall industry, and @thegulfhotelbahrain in the hospitality sector.


Having such a powerful media in hand, here are 5 tips to make your account popular and successful:


1. Never send messages or post comments saying: “I followed you, please follow me back.”
I cannot even stress how much this could put anyone off! This type of begging come across as desperate and I delete such comments all the time. If you like someone’s feed and/or they are in your target market, follow them and then engage with them. Like their posts, leave valuable comments and even ask questions. Interact! It is a social media – emphasis on social. Even if the account was your business’ Instagram account, people like it when other businesses interact with them too!


2. Do not buy followers
Never ever! It’s a total waste of money. When you do something like this, your followers only increase in quantity, not quality. It’s much better to have 100 followers that LOVE your products than 1000 followers who have absolutely no interest in your business. Also, it’s pretty much a lie since these “followers” are ghost and/or spam accounts anyway.


3. Avoid over salesmanship
Don’t be a salesman sitting behind your account, having all of your posts regarding your products and –most probably also- the promotions that you’re running at your shop. Make your posts a little more fun to browse through. For example, if you have a furniture shop, post at least once a month on how to take care of your wooden furniture or your wall papers, etc. Morning greetings and ‘happy weekend’ posts also work to break the routine, not to mention the Ramadan, Eid and other national holiday or event posts.


4. Advertise for your account
Set a small budget to advertise for your account. Followers who come from advertising are the ones who are genuinely interested in your business. They did not follow you for a follow back, and are not offering to sell you followers. They are your “hot followers”.


5. Last but not least, MAKE THE TIME FOR IT!
You really don’t have to spend hours on Instagram trying to build your follower base. Even 30 minutes a day will do the trick! What you want to avoid is spending so much time on Instagram for a period of a few days and then ignoring it for the same amount of time afterwards. Remember, it is important to stay consistent! Don’t completely disappear, even if it is for just a few days. Spend a few minutes a day updating your account and engaging your followers with Likes and short comments; that will be enough to keep your account ALIVE!


– Wafa’a Jawaheri
Senior Graphic Designer,

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