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We all know that good marketing copy plays an important role in boosting our businesses. Whether you have access to a hired copywriter or not, it is always good to know the importance of a Call to Action’s presence in your marketing tactics.

First of all, what is a Call to Action (CTA)?
A CTA is any phrasing in your ad that tells your readers/consumers the next step you would like them to take in coming into contact with your product or service. An example of this would be anything along the lines of ‘download now,’ or ‘subscribe today,’ and other such active language count as CTA.

Many of us hardly notice how much more notice CTAs would bring if used in an ad, a social media post or a website. This is because as direct as they may be, they usually tend to knock on the door of a person’s subconscious, making them very powerful yet often overlooked. Let us consider what happens when your potential client comes across your ad. They look around for where to go next; and if you had done your job well, they’ll want to find out more about you or how to get to that product or service you are selling. It’s your job to help them get to that and help your profits. This can only be done with the help of a CTA.


Now that you know why the use of a CTA is important, here are a few tips on how to use them more effectively:

  1. Start with a strong command verb
    You need to be clear and crisp. Although more information in a CTA is helpful, there usually isn’t much space for it. It is important to get your audience straight to the point; the point being what exactly you want them to do next. Start your CTA with words like “buy,” “shop,” “order,” “Find out how, “Fill out a form for..”
  2. Use words that entice your audience
    Aim to invoke enthusiasm in your audience so that they are driven to give you a strong response. Consider something like “Buy now and get 50% off!”- Who wouldn’t be thrilled by the massive benefit of getting their purchase for half off?
  3. Give your audience a reason to respond
    Let them know through your CTA, what’s in it for them if they took that next action? Will they lose weight, make them better at their jobs or their jobs easier? This is collaborate well with your ‘Unique Selling Point.’ A good example of this would be “Call today for a free consultation!” Here you have stated the action you want them to take and have also given them a beneficial reason to do so.
  4. Tap into the fear of missing out
    Fear of missing out, otherwise known asFOMO, is an extremely effective motivator. When people think they might miss out on an opportunity, they’ll be more likely to take prompter action. Mentioning a sale or promotion works best here. Messages like “Hurry while stocks last” or “Visit now! Sale ends on Friday!” Just like you can invoke enthusiasm, you can also invoke fear (of missing out)!

Do you happen to have a preferred CTA, perhaps one that you tried and did surprisingly well or ended up being an epic fail? Share with us in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you!

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