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Just two days ago, we at One Point Six held a workshop called “Pinterest for Business” where I shared the many ways business owners could use and benefit from Pinterest. I understand that even after hours of disussing the topic, getting started could still be quite a task so here’s a list of points to give you a good headstart to getting the most out of your page.


6 Pinterest Priority Points:


  1. Organize your boards:
  2. Think Monica from FRIENDS! Pinterest users appreciate organized boards because it makes their searches (therefore their lives) much easier. Be sure to make sure your boards are specific, titled, not empty and well related to your business and target market. When creating your account, aim to create at least 10 boards and then start searching for their pins. Mind your spelling and be creative by using good cover photos and being consistent in photography style or colours.


  3. Create Interesting Pins:
  4. Because Pinterest is more image based, you need your pins to be informative, useful and visually appealing. Original content is like gold on Pinterest. Pin products and your own blogs off your website- content which you know can only be found from your own business. When browsing, pin from others and find content which your viewer will love to see. Make them want to follow you because you have interesting content in your boards.


  5. Link your Pins to the right place:
  6. Don’t let your pin be a floating image on the web. Link your images to their original source [YOUR WEBSITE]. Link your pins to wherever it is you want the viewer to go to. Link your product to your e-commerce website. Link your blogs to your blogs. You get the idea…


  7. Network on Pinterest:
  8. You are on social media to be social. I can not stress on this enough. So, Network! Like, comment and pin other peoples content. Follow your competition and see how they are doing. Collaborate with others. Invite them to pin to your boards. Have fun!


  9. Pin Tutorials:
  10. Pinners LOVE tutorials! 80% of people on Pinterest are women and women LOVE things to do! Whether its a recipe, fashion tip or a DIY project. Find time at least once a month to create a tutorial on your blog and share it on Pinterest. You will find that it will get the most impressions out of all your original pinned content.


  11. Include a Call to Action:
  12. This is not only important in your advertising collateral, it is important as well on social media. All your copy and descriptions need to have a call to action. Like, comment, follow, subscribe, call us etc. Remind them to do something. This will get your business moving toward the right direction.


Good luck and get pinned!


– Mirna Almaz,

Creative Director

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