Ramada Bahrain & The Active Club- Set To Climb The Social Media Mountain in 5 steps

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We are glad to announce signing with two of our newest social media clients! Watch out on social media for Ramada Bahrain to showcase their unparalleled facilities while The Active Club spreads awareness on health and fitness! Both our clients are in for quite a ride, let us go through 5 simple steps that we’ll be taking them through to achieve social media success!


1) Set strategy and identify ideal customers
– It is essential to have an accurate ideal customer profile. When you know your target audience’s age, occupation, income, interests, likes and dislikes, then it’s easier and cheaper to target them on social or any other media.
Ramada Bahrain’s target audience, for instance, are middle aged business travelers with high income who look for quiet, relaxing accommodations, within close proximity of the commercial districts.


2) Select appropriate channels & tactics
– When your customers are using a specific network, that’s where you need to be- not everywhere else. Focus on social media channels that would best highlight your product or service in Bahrain. For example, The Active Club is now active 50% on Instagram, 40% on Facebook and 10% on Twitter because their target audience had shown high levels of interaction on Instagram and Facebook.


3) Create a content strategy
– A successful social media content strategy has 3 elements: Type of content, Time and Frequency of posting. Our clients need to maintain unified theme & language on all channels. Different strategies are usually set for different clients. Ramada Bahrain’s strategy is to post three times a week, while The Active Club’s strategy is set to post at least once daily (7-8 times per week). All of the content posted for both of our clients contains quality images, excellent copywriting, trending hash tags, and a unified theme supported by colors and logo according to each brand’s guidelines.


4) Allocate budget for social media advertising
– It is essential to establish a strategy first, and then determine the budget that fits that strategy. A lot of the time, it is not enough to just actively post on your social media channels. Advertising on social media increases the traffic and number of likes on your accounts. The Active Club has now started advertising on Instagram by investing in accounts which are followed by thousands of people in Bahrain.


5) Stay active & assign roles
– Maintain a high level of interaction & engagement at all times by running (Daily / Weekly / Monthly) competitions. Be sure to answer all questions, handle all inquiries and filter abusive content. Our beloved clients trust us to handle visual content creation and editing, social media management and social media advertising. These multiple tasks require major dedication which is why each one is assigned to different team members at OnePointSix accordingly.


Do you have a strategy that has worked or are yet to test out on social media? We’d love for you to share it with us! If you need help creating one or putting it into action, contact us and we’ll get right to it!

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