Starting Your LinkedIn Profile

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When creating your LinkedIn profile page, there are many steps involved but there are 4 crucial elements you need to get right for a powerful profile that will help potential employers and leads to discover you.

Remember, we are talking about one of the most powerful marketing tools in the 21st century- the platform that can expand your network and help progress in your career.

Four elements you need to get right:

  1. An appropriate profile picture
  2. Based on statistics, you are 14 times more likely to be viewed if you have a profile photo on your page. It is important though, to use an appropriate one. Although it may seem like an obvious mistake to use a casual photo, many of us still seem to do so. LinkedIn does not equal Facebook. The nature of these two platforms differ greatly. Facebook is social, LinkedIn is professional and hence requires a professional profile picture.

    This does not mean the whole fuss of using a DSLR camera or booking a studio. Just be sure that your profile picture:

    • is a solo shot- don’t have your best friend next to you in this one!
    • has a subtle background that does not disrupt your image.
    • does not show a “selfie arm.” Make sure your smartphone is resting on a stationery object.
    • Includes your head and shoulders, do not cut your shoulders off.
    • Has a little colour and your smile! There’s no need to be too stiff, wear a colour and smile!
  3. Your name
  4. Write your name exactly the way people know it. Avoid nicknames or usernames. Remember, your aim here is to let other people easily find and connect with you. Be professional; let your first and last name do the trick!

  5. The powerful headline
  6. Do not underestimated the power of your headline. It works with your name in helping you to rank high in Google search engine. Make sure that you use your 120 characters wisely by outlining your profession, industry and location.

  7. Your profile link
  8. As little as insignificant as it may seem to most LinkedIn users, polishing up your profile link helps you share your profile page professionally with your future employer, prospect lead or even to have it printed on your business card.

Hope these few tips will help put you on a great and easy start with LinkedIn.
See you there!

– Wafa’a Jawaheri
Senior Graphic Designer

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