Why Blog in Bahrain?

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Blogging, although often underestimated, is the most important tool you have to market your business online. It is the sole free and easy medium to share your unlimited thoughts, knowledge and experience with like-minded individuals, customers and potential leads on our humble island.


To keep it short, here are 3 reasons why blogging in Bahrain is important for your business:


1) Be the go-to person:

Blogging helps you position yourself as an expert and builds your credibility. You will be considered as the go-to person because you keep blogging about things that matter to your target audience and your business.


2) Blog posts can be shared across multiple social media networks. This means that blogging helps you get discovered by anyone who is on social media. Every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that people can share online- on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You will also be so much easier to find on Google and your blog will forever be on your website. It will never get lost.


3) Optimized in the local SEO:

There aren’t a lot of businesses blogging in Bahrain, so when you do blog, www.google.com.bh will find you easier. This is because you will rarely find businesses in Bahrain who blog 2-3 times a month. Oh and always be sure to use your business’ keywords in your blog. For example, if you are in the F&B industry make sure to use: Bahrain, Manama, Food, Café, Restaurant, Coffee, Cooking etc.


Blogging gives your search engine optimization the push it’s been waiting for. Did you know that blog posts show up on the 1st page of Google search? Always find time to blog at least twice a month. If you don’t have the time or writing skills to blog, we at OnePointSix will make sure that like our current clients, you can sit back and achieve all the advantages of blogging for your business!


Keep in mind that the more you blog the more traffic you will generate to your website.

Trust us on this.


– Mirna Almaz,

Creative Director


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